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Reusable bags made

Borrowing a reusable bag is better than buying one. The Reasify process helps you shop waste-free and worry-free. Join our sustainable movement without sacrificing ease or convenience.

Why Reasify?

4 trillion single-use plastic bags are used every year for an average life span of 12 mins. Reusable bags were designed as a more sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags. However, we face a new set of challenges. Reusable bags are difficult to remember resulting in the purchase of more bags. Reusable bags can harbor bacterial growth.

Have you struggled with adjusting to reusable bags? You are not alone

  • 63% of consumers forget to take their bags to the store.
  • The average household buys more than 1 reusable bag in a week.
  • 97% of consumers have never washed their reusable bags.

Let’s reuse our Reusable bags.

We build infrastructure and technology for you to borrow sanitized reusable bags during checkout at stores and return them conveniently from your home. No more stress from senseless bag purchases. No more guilt from bags piling up at home. Reasify creates a circular shopping experience that is simple and convenient.

How it works

Join the Reasify community

Sign up on the Reasify app (or at any partner locations). Choose a membership plan that suits your lifestyle.

Join the Reasify community
Scan the QR code

At the checkout counter of a participating store, open the Reasify app on your phone and show the QR code to borrow a clean, sanitized reusable bag.

Scan the QR code
Return your reusable bag

Schedule a pickup or use one of the deposit bins for a hassle-free return process. The collected bags will be cleaned and sanitized before sharing with the next community member.

Return your reusable bag

Save Money

How would Reasify help you save?

Reasify saves you money

With the new ban in Canada against single-use plastic bags, the average consumer will spend anywhere between $27 to $84 dollars a year on checkout bags *(This figure assumes that an average consumer shops twice a week and forgets their reusable bags on half of the trips. This figure also assumes a $1 to $3 charge per reusable bag and a 25 cent charge for a paper bag)*. For a low monthly subscription fee, you won’t ever need to buy a new bag again!

Reasify saves the environment

Reusable bags are only eco-friendly if they are used multiple times. (Purchasing a new bag during each grocery store trip defeats the purpose!) Reasify bags are made with post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and remain in rotation for hundreds of uses. No more single-use! When the bags reach the end of their usable lives, we recycle them into new useful products and ensure that they don’t end up in the landfills.

Reasify saves you headaches

You no longer need to tote around your tote bags! Your subscription allows you to borrow bags at multiple locations, including grocery stores, pharmacies, retailers, cafes, and more! Schedule your free pickup on the app. All bags will collected from the comfort of your home and sanitized for the next Reasify customer. No deposits. No returns. No headaches.

Did you know

bags are produced each year.

bags end up in trash every minute.

time taken to decompose one bag.

marine mammals killed each year.

trees are cut down to make 10 billion paper bags.

of plastic bags are recycled.

Be a hero. Shop with a reusable bag and save the equivalent of 170 plastic bags.

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